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Flexible Composites PMP Capacitor Insulation Paper

Product Introduction: It is a three layer composites, two layers of capacitor tissue paper and one layer of polyimide film/PI film. Properties: 1. Good mechanical strength 2. Nice dielectric properties 3. Reliable heat resistance: B Class Application: Liner insulation for high voltage transformer
properties Unit Values
  Thickness tolerance     % 8µm
Density g/cm3 8-15µm
Stretch MD N·m/g A: ≥70.0 B: ≥55.0
Water content % 4.0-6.0µm: 6.0-10.0 7.0µm and up:5.0-9.0
Ash content % ≤0.35
Acid of water extract % ≤0.0070
Electric conductivity of water extract mS/m A: ≤3.0 B&C: ≤4.0
Note: Due to continuous product improvement, the dimensions provided in this sample are for reference only. If necessary, our company can design and produce according to user requirements. Please contact the company in time.

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